The boathouse venue is 1,450 square feet and can accommodate 120 people for a cocktail reception or seated presentation or 90 people for a seated dinner or wedding reception. A large 1,050 square foot balcony creates additional space for your event adding 40 guests to a reception and 32 for a seated dinner.




Simple Floor Plan

Simple Floor Plan

Main Hall:  1450 sq. ft
Balcony:  1050 sq. ft
Hall + Balcony:  2500 sq. ft
Small Room:  900 sq. ft


Standing Reception

Main Hall:  125
Balcony:  25
Hall + Balcony:  150
Small Room:  30


Theater Seating

Seated Layout

Seated Layout

Main Hall:  120
Balcony:  n/a
Hall + Balcony:  120
Small Room:  n/a


Seated Dinner

Main Hall:  100
Balcony:  30
Hall + Balcony:  130
Small Room:  20



We are proud to partner with which will allow you to create your own custom floor plan. After creating your event, enter Mt Baker Rowing and Sailing Center as your venue. Click the All Seated button to get started.