Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center

Rental Policy Guide

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Welcome to Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center. We are pleased you are interested in hosting your event at our new boathouse venue. The following information should provide you with what you need to know  to have a successful event experience.


3800 Lake Washington Blvd South
Seattle, WA 98118


Seattle Parks and Recreation Booking Contact: 206-684-7254
*Contact for reservations, booking or payment questions

Center Contact:  206-386-1913 or
*Contact for any questions you have regarding the venue

Access Hours:

*Venue must be cleared of guests and cleaned by the time your reservation ends

Booking Process:

When you are ready to book your date you must fax or email the Seattle Parks and Recreation Facility rental Application to Seattle Parks and Recreation Indoor Facility Rental. The application can be found at:

Return application to:

Seattle Parks & Recreation
Indoor Facility Rentals
7201 E Green Lake Drive N Seattle, WA 98115
Phone: 206-684-7254
Fax: 206-684-4853

  • The application must be completed, signed and received by the Indoor Facility Rental office before availability and pricing can be confirmed. 
  • After the application has been processed you will receive an email confirmation with the rental total and deposit due.
  • The damage deposit is due within 5 business days from the time you receive the confirmation. Payment can be made via check or over the phone with a credit card payment.
  • All other fees and permits (alcohol, banquet permit and insurance) are due no later than two weeks prior to your event.
  • You will receive an email from the Indoor Facility Rental office the Wednesday before your event with the name of the recreation attendant staffing your event and emergency contact numbers.
  • If you would like to reserve space for an outdoor ceremony or activity you will need to indicate this on your Seattle Parks application. The use of outdoor space is $120 per hour with a 2-hour minimum. Any grassy outdoor space surrounding the building can be reserved.

Booking Fees:

You must reserve and pay for all hours of your event, including any time needed for set up and tear-down. Premium hours: Friday-Sunday after 2:00pm (events starting before 2:00pm but extending past 2:00pm will be charged premium hours)


A $250 damage deposit is required for events without alcohol service and a $500 damage deposit is required for events with alcohol service. The damage deposit is due at the time of booking.

Required Permits:

Seattle Parks and Recreation Event Permit:

Once your reservation is paid in full, you will receive a permit that you must retain on the premise throughout your scheduled event.

Alcohol Requirements:

If alcohol is being served there is a $75 fee and the damage deposit is $500. Additionally, you must obtain alcohol permits depending on the type of event you are having. If you are having a private, invitation only banquet or gathering (i.e Weddings, Birthday Parties) you will need to obtain a Banquet Permit that costs $10 and can be obtained from the WA State Liquor Control board at:

In order to sell alcohol your organization must be a certified 501c3 registered non-profit and obtain a Special Occasion License from Washington State Liquor Control Board. The application can be found at:

Mast Training and Mixologist License: If alcohol is being sold, all paid or volunteer staff involved in the sale, serving or pouring of alcohol beverages must be MAST trained and hold a CLASS 12 Mixologist license. This is required by Seattle Parks and Recreation.


Event Insurance is required, but not limited to, events serving or selling alcohol. You will need to obtain a Certificate of insurance with the City of Seattle added as additional insured for primary and non-contributory limits. A copy of the actual additional insured policy or endorsement wording must be attached to the certificate.

If alcoholic beverages are served at no charge or sold under a special occasion license:
Minimum coverage and limits of liability are $1,000,000 per each occurrence Commercial General Liability Insurance

If alcoholic beverages are being sold without a special occasion license:
Minimum coverage and limits of liability are $2,000,000 per each occurrence Commercial General Liability Insurance

Event Attendant:

All events are required to have at least one attendant during the hours you reserved the venue. Events with alcohol may require two attendants during the event. The attendant(s) will open the venue for you, show you where tables and chairs are stored and show you how to operate equipment such as the A/V system, fireplace, air-conditioning and kitchen appliances.  During the event the attendant will change the garbage, help keep the public out of the venue and troubleshoot any venue equipment issues. At the end of the event the rental party is responsible for clean up and putting tables and chairs away. You will need to check out with the attendant before leaving the venue. Please see end of event section below for rental party cleaning checklist.

Equipment and Supplies Provided:

Tables and Chairs

Main Hall:
13 Round tables (60-inch in diameter) – additional available with advance notice
12 Rectangle tables (30-by-72-inches) - additional available with advance notice
150 Folding chairs

Small Room:
1 Round table (60-inch in diameter)
5 Rectangle tables (30-by-72-inches)
20 Folding chairs

Audio Visual Equipment (Main Hall):
2 Large Flat Screen Televisions
DVD/BluRay player
Computer connection for presentations*
Built-in sound system with microphones

*Users planning to use the A/V system for slide shows and computer presentations are strongly encouraged to test their computers on our system prior to your rental to ensure proper operation. If you will be using a Mac laptop, you will need to obtain an adapter that will allow the computer to connect to a VGA or HDMI cable. The specific type of adapter depends on the type and age of your Mac computer. If you are unsure about which adapter to use, take your Mac to an Apple store or another Apple retailer to obtain the correct adapter. 

Food and Beverage Services:

Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center has an open catering policy allowing you to bring in the service that meets your preference and budget.

Grills are not allowed on the deck but may set up outside the ground floor entrance by the circular planter. The use of a grill outside must be indicated on your reservation application and approved by Seattle Parks and Recreation. If propane is used a permit may be required by the Seattle Fire Marshall.



Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center has 91 spaces which may not be reserved.  Parking is public and operates on a first come, first served basis. Event activities are not permitted to occur within the parking lot.

Event Admission and Sales:

Events that are charging an admission or selling food, beverages or merchandise are subject to a 10% fee.

Restricted Items:

The following items are restricted:

o   Smoking on Seattle Parks property
o   Confetti/Glitter
o   Heaters (permit required) or Grills on Deck
o   Signs outside of building (written permission may be requested)
o   Any tape except painters tape
o   Nails or tacks
o   Amplified sound on deck
o   Candles without a glass holder


10x10 pop-up tents without sides are allowed on the balcony and do not require an additional permit. Please use carpet blocks located in the landing closet under tent legs to prevent damage to deck. If anything larger is used or has sides a permit is required from the Seattle Fire Marshall.


Please advise if you or your caterer has appliances or equipment that draw more than 30 amps. Appliances using over 30amps may overload the circuit breakers.

Set-Up and Deliveries:

Your rental reservation must include all the time you need to set up and clean up your event. If you require deliveries from rental companies, bakeries, etc. the delivery and pick-up must take place during the time you have reserved the space. We are unable to accept deliveries or hold items until the following day.

Clean-Up/Trash Disposal:

After the event all equipment belonging to the rental group must be removed. Please plan adequate help and time for clean-up. Events that go beyond the scheduled time will be subject to time-and-a-half cost for room and staff charges. Many times you can work with your caterer to perform the following duties. 

The rental group is responsible for:
o     Removing all equipment belonging to the rental group
o     Cleaning tables and storing in their proper closet
o     Sweeping and Vacuuming
o     Spot mopping wood floor
o     Wiping kitchen counters, sinks and appliances clean (if used)
o     Taking all trash and recycle to dumpsters

The event attendant is responsible for:
o     Placing clean liners in all garbage cans
o     Cleaning bathrooms
o     Restocking bathroom supplies as needed
o     Cleaning glass windows and doors

At The End of Your Event:

When you have concluded your event and clean up, please complete the end-of-event checklist with your onsite attendant and leave any comments or suggestions that you have regarding your event and future improvements to the facility.

Click here to download a pdf version of this list.